7th of May

I have eaten 6-8 bread a day from monday to friday and I feel my stomach is heavy since my digestion has slowed down significantly to the point my stomach hurts in one specific area, which makes me eat less bread now weekend and more light meals.


  • Eat something light such as salad with sauce in between your bread meals (which salad I will show you next time)

1st of may

Breaking news. I believe resistence in food can be a reason to why 1/3 people have antibitoic resistence stomach the article talks about:


Being a vegan can be the healthiest lifestyle, but it has limited a lot of food that you can eat. It is significantly limited what you can put on your bread. Some of the

Some of the heallthy vegan food I put on my bread is:

Potatoes, peanutbutter, banana, tahin and different pesto, müsli/vegetables on top.


Of the list the only short expiry date is pesto.  But I found out pesto can stay fresh much longer than its expiry date that is only around 3 days.


  • Food such as pesto is edible after storage it for longer than the expiry date – fx look at the condition of the pesto – as loong as it’s not rotten you can eat it.

http://samvirke.dk/artikler/fa-styr-pa-madens-holdbarhed  (danish article)







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