Tipweek 1: Ecological ricemilk

Better taste than milk,  “For a greener world”


Being a vegan can be the healthiest lifestyle, but it has limited a lot of food that you can eat. It is significantly limited what you can put on your bread. Some of the

Some of the heallthy vegan food I put on my bread is:

Potatoes, peanutbutter, banana, tahin and different pesto, müsli/vegetables on top.


Of the list the only short expiry date is pesto.  But I found out pesto can stay fresh much longer than its expiry date that is only around 3 days.


  • Food such as pesto is edible after storage it for longer than the expiry date – fx look at the condition of the pesto – as loong as it’s not rotten you can eat it.

http://samvirke.dk/artikler/fa-styr-pa-madens-holdbarhed  (danish article)







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